Worried about getting traffic from googleapis? Lets see if it is legit or not

Yes, some of us were shocked to see a sudden increase in traffic with a referral called googleapis.com. We all went for google itself to know what exactly it’s all about and if should we be worried about it.

But let us help you in understanding what exactly it is and whether should you be worried about it or not. This is completely normal traffic from Google first of all. And the origin of this traffic is that google is triggering your traffic to the public on the google search app. This means your content is being ranked on google and it is now starting to show it to different people.

This googleapis traffic is shown as discover traffic in your search console. Clicks on your recommended content would be recorded as a GoogleAPI referral for those who use the Google Search App or Google Voice assistant.

So final conclusion is that you don’t need to worry about this as its completely from Google.




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