Have you lost your Android phone? How to find or locate a lost stolen smartphone

In this modern world, it is very hard to think that we are without our cellphone. The smart device is more like a powerhouse that gives the unique chance to extract information from different websites. Internet is readily accessible now due to the blessings of smartphones. But what if you lose your android phone? Is there any way by which you can find the phone? If you ever lose your phone, you know how terrible it feels. If it falls into the wrong hand, they might misuse it.

Being an android phone user, you should consider yourself lucky. You do have the option to find your phone without having any technical knowledge. In this article, we are going to give you some amazing tips which will allow you to find your phone.

Critical factors

To find your stolen phone, you need to consider some of the most important things. For instance, the phone must be turned on and you should be logged into your Google account on that particular phone. When you purchase the phone, make sure you turn on the device location, or else you will never find your phone as the operating system will never report the device location. Some people think turning on the device location is a bad thing but it’s not. Just make sure you are not allowing unknown apps to access your device location and you should be fine.

Staying connected to the internet

The lost functionality in the android phone works only when it is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data. That’s why you should always keep these data connections on so that you can easily track your phone when it is lost. Even if it falls in the hacker’s hand, they will not be able to turn off the mobile data connection without flashing the entire phone. Just for your safety, keep the data connection on especially when you are outside.

Use third-party application

To track your phone, you need to use may use a third-party application. The most third-party application tracks the phone via IP address. To know the IP address of the phone, you may go to the system settings and see the IP address. When you try to track by knowing what your phone IP is, things become pretty easy. Most premium third-party software can easily track your phone when you know the correct IP address. However, the android phone must be connected to the internet, or else you can’t use this feature.

Remote functionality

When you lost your phone, the first thing you should do is lock your phone. To do that, you should visit android.com/find. Click on the lost phone and you should see the position of the lost phone on the map. If you believe that your phone is nearby, you can click on the ring my phone button. Once you do that, your phone will start ringing and you should be able to locate it if it is nearby. On the contrary, you do have the option to erase everything so that other people won’t get any information from the smart device. But remember, to erase everything in your phone, you need to know the password of your google account.

Best practice

You need to learn some cool tricks which will always make you feel secure. Never turn off the data in your mobile phone as you know you might have to access it remotely. Always keep the device location turned on so that you can find your phone via web service. Instead of keeping sophisticated information in your phone, only keep necessary data. Make sure your phone is password protected so that bad people never can access your phone.


Losing a phone can be a very pathetic experience. No matter how hard we try, we might have to face such a problem all of a sudden. In such a case, we should not panic rather we should follow the key steps mentioned in this article. If your effort fails, make sure you send a remote command to the phone so that the data gets wiped out.

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