5 Ways to Keep Your Computer Away From Slowing Down

When your computer lags, you literally want to smash it! When you don’t understand what’s happening on the screen while watching Netflix or cannot place a bet on an online casino, it affects your mood in a negative way. These 5 ways will significantly speed up the work of your device. That means it will save your nerves!

Review the List of Installed Programs Regularly 

All apps take up hard disk space. And some even run automatically in the background and waste RAM resources. That’s why it’s so important to regularly clean your computer of unnecessary applications.


On Windows, you can do this using the Programs tab. In the list, find the irrelevant apps and remove them.


MacOS owners can use the Finder. There is a special tab with programs, where you can delete anything unnecessary.

Watch out for Available Space

Apps are just one of the reasons why your hard drive gets clogged. It also accumulates unnecessary files from time to time. This includes both documents and setup files.


Your goal is to leave at least 20 percent free space on your hard drive. There is no universal way to clean up. You just need to delete unnecessary files in a timely manner.

Limit Programs

Many programs give themselves extra permissions by default. For example, they are enabled on startup and ask for access to files and the Internet. Very often they don’t even give you a choice during installation.


But with Task Manager you can adjust the capabilities of applications. First and foremost, this applies to enabling them at computer startup. You can do this in the Startup tab.

Update Programs as New Versions Are Released

The software must be updated regularly. Developers fix bugs and optimize programs. As a result, applications start to run faster. This has a positive effect on the performance of the entire system.


You should also uninstall old versions of applications if any. These recommendations are especially relevant for web browsers. There you will need to regularly clear cookies and remove extensions that you haven’t used for a long time.

Update the System

The same goes for operating system updates. You should install them regularly.


You will also be able to reset the system. It’s easy to do, but the process will take a long time. You will need to make backups of your files and prepare to reinstall applications.


You don’t have to worry about that. Both Windows and Apple offer complete system reset guides. You just need to follow the instructions clearly.