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After Telugu, new Sindhi ‘text bomb’ crashes iPhones

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A series of characters in the Sindhi language seems to be leading in an Apple iPhone crash globally. Reportedly it is an iOS notification bug similar to the Telugu text crash ¬- a “text bomb” carrying specific characters that can crash an iOS or iPadOS gadget when received.

This specific “text bomb” transfers an Italian flag emoji and a specific Singhi language character. Upon getting this message, devices running iOS or iPadOS crash and are forced to restart. As per the reports, the bug only creates crashes if the message appears in an incoming notification.

The bug was reported on Reddit post a day ago by u/-MTAC. The user wrote that the new bug is alike the Telugu text crash that created a stir back in 2018 when it was circulated across the world.

Twitter user @EveryApplePro shared a video of the Singhi text crash in action that made the iPhone unresponsive. Another Twitter user Benjamin G also tweeted about the iOS notification bug declaring that if you get this message in your notifications, it will crash your phone.
The bug seems to be affecting only the iOS and iPadOS devices. Apple will likely generate a solution for the bug in an upcoming version of the iPhone and iPad software, just like it did at the time of the Telugu text bomb.

But till then, if you are worried about getting your devices crashing down because of the text bug, you may want to disable notifications for all kinds of messaging apps including the iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and others.

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