Two Killzone Games’ Multiplayer Servers Are Being Shut Down By Guerrilla Games

The online multiplayer for three games will be discontinued in August by Guerrilla Games, a Sony-owned firm best known for Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West (via Polygon). Killzone: Mercenary, Killzone Shadow Fall, and Rigs: Mechanized Combat League will all be taken down on August 12.

Guerrilla stated in a tweet on Friday that “internet functionality (including online multiplayer modes) will end on that day.” “Offline single-player modes are still accessible.”

Both Killzone games made their debuts in 2013, with Killzone: Mercenary for the PlayStation Vita and Killzone Shadow Fall for the PlayStation 4 coming out. Guerrilla claimed players could no longer create or administer clans in the game when it “retired” the Killzone franchise’s website in January 2021, a modest reduction from the online capabilities present in Killzone Shadow Fall. A little more recent, Rigs: Mechanized Combat League, a first-person mech shooter/sports game, was released for PlayStation VR in 2016.

These closures serve as yet another warning that you shouldn’t assume that a game’s online features will always be available. This was already a key takeaway from Ubisoft’s recent statement that more than a dozen games will be losing their online services. Now is the perfect moment to play any of these older games that no longer support online multiplayer.