This 4TB PCIe SSD can cause your Windows PC to feel increasingly like a MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro 16 despite everything holds gloating rights with regards to the greatest stockpiling limit accessible in a customary versatile PC.

Apple utilizes an exclusive methodology, stopping memory chips straightforwardly into the motherboard to arrive at an astounding 8TB of capacity, while just a bunch of sellers much offer 4TB PCIe SSDs.

OWC has as of late joined Sabrent as just the second customer seller to offer a 4TB NVMe PCIe M2.2280 SSD. OWC’s Aurora P12 costs $1,149.88, while Sabrent’s contribution, known as Rocket, is accessible for just $849.99 from Amazon (generally £690/AU$1335).

For what reason does that make a difference? All things considered, on the grounds that you can plug two into a Windows PC to coordinate the MacBook Pro’s 8TB limit.

There’s just a single PC merchant around the world (Eurocom), as far as anyone is concerned, that packages its PCs with these 4TB drives – and they’re neither as modest nor as compact as Apple’s thin and-dainty versatile workstation.

Mac charges $6,099 for the extremely top of the range 16-inch MacBook Pro, while Dell has, sadly, quit pushing 2TB PCI NVMe SSD with its 64GB XPS 15 PC.