Zatko complains that China would easily collect user data, Here is what’s cooking behind

Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, a well-known hacker who served as Twitter’s head of security, just appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, claiming that Twitter staff were concerned regarding the Chinese government being accessible to collect the data on the company’s users. The whistleblower, who was sacked from Twitter in January, highlighted new worries about foreign involvement on one of the most popular social media networks. Twitter has already been chastised for lax security in 2020 once, when there were youthful hackers taking control of certain high-profile accounts, including that of then – US President Barack Obama.

Tuesday’s hearing indicated that Twitter’s shoddy security might be far more dangerous, with the business being warned about Chinese government agents at the site. The allegations of a Chinese agent might have major consequences for the company, according to Zatko, who said that several team members were apprehensive about doing business with China because charges were made that the corporation merely intended to maximize advertising revenue from citizens.

The complaint by Zatko had around two pages of links that supported documents, emails and an assessment of various information and disinformation on Twitter. The documents were the ones shared between the CEO of Twitter, Mr. Parag Agarwal and Zatko. The documents were however limited, in comparison to the ones released by Facebook whistle-blower. 

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