Who is Miri the cat, that is creating wows over the internet?

YouTube on Tuesday shared a mini clip of Miri via a tweet. Introducing it as the newest member of internet-famous Maru cat’s family, it shared a Youtube video link to the channel too.

The short 18-second video shared by YouTube shows Miri, a kitten, playing with herself on what seems to be chair and then her owners playing with her too. This Twitter post has about 31.9k views and 951 likes. Seems like Miri has already become quite the famous kitten.

Miri would be the newest family member to Maru, a male Scottish Straight cat in Japan, popular on YouTube under the account name of Mugumogu.

Mugumogu has about 771K subscribers on Youtube and 9k+ followers on Instagram. The videos on this channel include subtitles of setting up and events description in English and Japanese and shows Maru and the other cats playing around. His owner is rarely seen in the videos.

You Guys, Maru Has a New Roommate! - Catster

Miri was recently adopted by Maru’s owner from a neighbour who had rescued her from a storm drain. On November 26, Maru’s YouTube channel posted a 6-minute long video introducing Miri to the Internet as its newest member. The video titled “I am Miri” in Japenese and English has over 200k views. The description of the video stated kitten is about two months old and was found on the side of the road, protected by a gutter.

Miri is not the only cat to be adopted by Maru’s owners. In August 2013, they had adopted a kitten from a veterinarian who was named Hana. Maru and Hana got along very well during the two-week trial period so the Mugumogu family decided to make Hana the newest member.

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Maru along with Hana