Haven’t you yet seen the hilarious post by Telegram on Meta, if not have a look

Ok, let’s start this thing by saying that people love this thing for some of the coolest ever features that might not sound good for conformists and its quirky way of connecting to its users. We are talking about none other than Telegram which always makes sure to make users laugh through its posts that are mostly about new features, updates, or a meme.

This time it posted a cat meme on Twitter in which one cat was not so surprised to see the icon of Whatsapp but felt surprised to see “from Meta”. This hilarious post from Telegram has been getting hilarious comments and responses. One of the Twitter users, Han Shani who could not understand the meme wrote “What’s this?” and Telegram responded with “The head of the Research and Development says that scientifically speaking that is “meme”.

Another Twitter user Naveen Kumar asked “Promoting Meta” and Telegram responded with “It will make your cats scream out in terror” which is probably not a very good promotion”. The meme that Telegram has shared might be about the over-hype of Meta and its ambitious projects. According to the vulcanpost Meta has seen a decline in the users visiting its platform with only one in 10 returns and search traffic for the word Metaverse has declined over 80 percent.

While the company’s AR and VR division Reality lab generated US $2.2 billion it has lost more than that with $13.3 billion at the same time. Things turned worse because in 2022 Meta had to face a decline in revenue of up to 5% than the previous year. So things are not as it was dreamt to happen around Meta but if the ambitious dreams start taking shape it would be awesome to see it.

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