Elon Musk is grateful to Tesla Customers for taking Deliveries and to Workers to work in holidays, Check it out!

The CEO of the electric vehicles company Tesla, Elon Musk today expressed his happiness of Tesla regaining the $1 trillion valuations after it slipped a bit below the considerable mark last month. The billionaire today tweeted to praise the Tesla team who worked hard even during the holidays to accomplish the year-end delivery targets of the electric vehicles as their dedication is helping Tesla to maintain its top position.

Elon Musk today tweeted, “Lots of Tesla cars to deliver before year-end! Your support in taking delivery is much appreciated.

Thanks also to the Tesla team working hard during the holidays!”

Elon Musk thanked his customers for taking the deliveries as the firm offers them to take deliveries within 30 days of the vehicles being available.

This year, Tesla valuations reached up to $1 trillion making Elon Musk the richest man in the world. Last month, Elon Musk said that he will sell 10% of his stocks based on a Twitter poll. This led to an almost 25% fall in Tesla shares.

And on Wednesday, Tesla shares soared as Musk clarified that he sold 10% of Tesla stocks keeping his word again reaching up to the $1 trillion valuations.

This is a great achievement for the company and also the CEO and thus Musk thanked his workers and buyers too.

December is always a busy month for companies and automakers as they need to achieve their year-end targets and close the calendar. This year, most of the automakers around the globe are facing issues of chip shortages to assure supply to dealers and customers. But Tesla is accomplishing its task very well.


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