Why anonymous collective is making a boycott call for a German travel agency TUI? Lets find out

Recently a post made by Anonymous Collective Squad303 is making rounds on social media. In that post, TUI Group which is a German leisure, travel and tourism company is accused of running under Russian oligarch Alexei Mordashov.

The post further displays that even though the company is Germany based, it is being operated by Russian oligarch Alexei Mordashov. There is a call from the collective to stop buying and deals from this company as helping it would help Russia in its war against Ukraine.

So far a lot of people have lost their lives in this conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The post further states that TUI AG also received funding from the German government. The total funding received by the company is around 1.2 billion euros. This is the taxpayer’s money of the german people that is being given to the TUI AG.

The stock price of  TUI1 was trading at (ETR) €1.57 +0.03 (+1.84%) on July 29th 2022. We tried to reach the company but no one was available for comment at the time of framing this article.

The anonymous collective has even issued a threat to the TUI group by making a statement Summer, time to relax! By choosing @TUIGroup you are supporting #Russian oligarch Alexei Mordashov covered by EU and US sanctions. The choice is yours! #Anonymous Expect us!

Russia is currently working under heavy sanctions from the west and is trying to get loopholes to stay afloat. However, Russians all around the globe are also facing the heat of this war. While some even condemn Putin’s war on Ukraine.

Anonymous has always been the voice of the unheard and used digital methods to show their protest against the powerful.