GhostSec, offshoot of Anonymous collective leaks data of Technoeng

GhostSec, the offshoot of the Anonymous hacking collective, has stated that they have leaked the data of the Technoeng coorporation, one of the biggest coorporation of Russia. Approximately, 37GB of data of the clients has been leaked, including the data of one of its important client ‘Moscow electrical grid’.

Consequently, GhostSec on it’s twitter handle said, “Technoeng, for such big corp in #Russia you’d expect more out of their security!

》37Gb being Leaked, including data of client “Moscow electrical grid”

and more!

#GhostSec #Anonymous”

MOESK, known as Moscow United Electric Grid Company is an electric power transmission and distribution company. This company particularly operates in the Moscow metropolitan area in Russia. It provides the connection services, installation, technical maintenance services and other services for electrical equipment. Also, the company’s energy facilities include about 607 high-voltage feeding centers. Consequently of 15,590 kilometres of 35-220 kV power lines, 1,408 kilometres of high-voltage cable lines and many more of the distribution electric grids.

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