Data of 8 colleges hacked with the use of LockBit virus in Ghaziabad, India; hackers demands ransom

In recent developments, a hackers group of Ghaziabad hacked one of the largest educational establishment. This is inclusive of 8 colleges.

The hackers reportedly hacked the data of 8 colleges of the area. Adding to that they have raised demands for ransom amounting to one million dollars. 

According to reports, the said hack has been executed with the use of Lock bit black virus. The threat actors have also threatened the concerned authorities of further hacking in case they don’t receive the demanded ransom. 

According to statements by the college authorities, they have raised concerns on the possible misuse of data related to financial transactions of the college. Apart from this, the hacking of personal data of the colleges’ employees and students also poses threat to them. 

According to reports, the threat actors hacked the data on the afternoon of 29 August. The college authority asserted that they have been attempting to bring the data back through several engineers. 

However, when their efforts didn’t bore any fruit, they decided to take help of the police. The college authorities reached the police on Tuesday and requested them to catch the hackers. 

As of now, no hacker or hacker group has claimed responsibility for the said hacking.

Lock bit virus or LockBit ransomware is a malware, which prevents users from accessing their computer systems unless the demanded ransom is paid. 

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