Users of the Realme 9 Pro and 9 Pro+ are now receiving the Android 13 update; here’s how to check

In order to give its consumers a taste of Android 13 and Realme UI 3.0.

Realme has launched the Android 13 Open Beta program for the Realme 9 Pro and Realme 9 Pro+ in India. In order to give its consumers a taste of Android 13 and Realme UI 3.0.

Anyone interested may sign up for the Android 13 Open Beta program. You can do this by going to Settings > Software Update on their Realme 9 Pro or 9 Pro Plus. And selecting the Settings icon in the top-right corner. Then, select “Trial Version” > “Open Beta” > “Apply Now” and fill out the form. If your application is accepted, you will get the beta update.

Beta builds, however, should be avoided on a primary device as they may have issues that degrade the user experience. Check to see if your Realme 9 Pro is running firmware version RMX3471 11 A.42, RMX3471 11 A.43, RMX3471 11 A.44, or RMX3471 11 A.45 before continuing. Users of the Realme 9 Pro+ should have firmware versions RMX3392 11.A.12, RMX3392 11.A.13, or RMX3392 11.A.14 on their devices.

Additionally, to install the update, your smartphone has to have 60% battery life and at least 5 GB of free storage. To discover more about Android 13 Open Beta for Realme 9 Pro and 9 Pro+, see the source links provided below.

After making sure that is correct, go to Settings > Software Update and touch on the setting symbol in the top-right corner. Then choose Apply Now and provide your information after tapping on the trial version (Open Beta). You will get the beta update after your application has been accepted.

For you to provide comments or report flaws you discover in the beta release. Realme has already put up a dedicated help website, which also includes instructions on how to revert to the prior OS.


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