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Apple on a secret mission of finding ways to beam data to devices

Big news guys, it has recently been found out that Apple  has a secret team which is working on satellites and related wireless technology, in the effort to find fresh ways to beam data such as internet connectivity straight to its devices, according to the sources.

The iPhone maker company has over a dozen engineers from the aerospace, satellite and antenna design sectors working on the project with the motive of deploying their output in the next five years, revealed the sources.

Work on the project is still at the initial stage and could be stopped, they added.

Apple’s work on communications satellites and next-generation wireless technology means the motive is possibly to beam data to a user’s device, potentially mitigating the dependence on wireless carriers, or to link devices together without a traditional network. Apple could also be finding satellites for more accurate location tracking for its devices, enabling better maps and new features.

It’s not clear if Apple plans to follow the costly growth of a satellite constellation itself or easily tackle on-the-ground equipment that would take data from current satellites and give it to mobile devices. Northrop Grumman Corp, Lockheed Martin Corp, and Boeing Co are some of the biggest satellite makers. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.