A moment of celebration for Indians because Indian spacecraft EOS-06 separated successfully

This is a moment of celebration for Indians because the EOS-06 spacecraft separation occurred successfully. According to ISRO spacecraft, health is normal and the mission is continuing. This report came from ISRO Twitter handle.

As part of the EOS 06 C54 mission, ISRO launched OceanSat-3 and eight nanosatellites on 26 November 2022. ISRO launched  OceanSat-03, along with BhutanSat, a Bhutanese satellite, a nano-satellite called Anand, developed by Pixxel India, and other nano-satellites developed by Dhruva Space, the OceanSat-3 will facilitate the potential of applications in other areas.

Oceansat-3 has a mass of 960 kg and will operate at 1,360 Watts. As far as the count is concerned it is the 84th mission and fifth mission this year. World space agencies are keeping a close eye on this mission because this mission is going to give a number of advantages in terms of technology. With this leap, India would set a new milestone in the journey of space.


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