In Ukraine and other European nations, Samsung silently eliminates the ‘Z’ trademark

If you go to Samsung’s website and try to read about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 3 in a few European countries, you’ll notice a significant, yet subtle, difference. The letter “Z” traditionally occurs after the Galaxy name has been completely eliminated, leaving simply the names Galaxy Fold 3 or Galaxy Flip 3.


The change is only visible on Samsung’s regional websites in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine; the rest of the world, including the Russia site, still displays the Galaxy Z branding. We’ve reached out to Samsung to find out if this is a one-time thing or if it’s a more permanent adjustment.

The letter “Z” has been utilised in a pro-Russian campaign, and it can be seen spraypainted on the sides of Russian military equipment as well as on social media. There has been no official justification for the use of the letter Z, which does not appear in either the Russian or Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabets.

As the crisis in Ukraine rages on, it’s likely that Samsung is attempting to separate its own brands from the campaign. Other firms have distanced themselves from Russia since the conflict began more than a month ago, including the withdrawal of Russian products and services.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are two of the best folding phones, but the branding did not always include the letter “Z.” The first Galaxy Fold 5G did not include the letter, and it wasn’t until the second-generation Galaxy Z Fold 2 that Samsung included it. It’s unclear whether this is a one-time occurrence or a long-term branding strategy.