Animated Video gives insights to construction of iconic 14th century Charles Bridge

The capital city of Czechia, Prague, houses a legacy reigning bridge. If you have been one of those lucky visitors to visit Prague, you are surely aware about the Charles Bridge. The iconic bridge has been standing tall for centuries. Its magnificent engineering has blessed the earth with a hauntingly beautiful possession for about 620 years. 

The construction of the iconic bridge took about 45 years. Its construction started in the year 1357. The bridge hovers across the Vltava (Moldau) river. It stands tall at a height of 1,693 feet (616 meters). The bridge is almost 33 feet (10 meters) wide. The bridge houses 30 statues along with three bridge towers. 

An animated video showcasing the construction of the bridge often surfaces on the Internet. A YouTube channel, “Praha archeologickáand”, originally published the video in the year 2016. 

Recently a Twitter handle @lostinhistory also shared the video. 

The video condensed the entire construction process of the bridge, which took almost half a century to complete, into three minutes. The video in the original channel has about 2M views. 

Tomás Musílek designed the beautifully crafted 3D animated video. On watching the video, a viewer can have an insight of the age old technology that the engineers used back then to create this iconic bridge. This video proves how amazing human’s creativity and the power of innovation is.