Samsung’s laptop to come with OLED Screen’s

South Korea established tech conglomerate Samsung teased OLED panels for its upcoming laptop which promise to have superior image quality. The South Korean tech giant said that the new screens will offer cinematic and ultrapure colours. Samsung OLED laptop screens will have great visibility even in bright sunlight, as claimed by Samsung in the video. The company also told that OLED screens for laptop will offer 85-percent HDR coverage, as per Samsung.

The Giant Tech company teased the new OLED panel laptop through a You Tube video. Superior Image Quality. Samsung claimed that the laptop’s OLED screen will offer 120-percent DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage, as compared to a conventional screen that offers 74-percent DCI-P3 coverage.

Other advantages of the company’s new OLED laptop is available in black colour and has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. Samsung ended the video by saying that its OLED screens for laptop will breathe life into each frame.

Although the previous laptop’s didn’t have OLED screens but the upcoming laptop’s is likely to have OLED screen for better quality picture.

It is possible that Samsung will reveal more details about its laptop lineup with OLED screens shortly.