War of words between WazirX founder and Binance CEO after Indian authorities raided WazirX offices

In a recent battle of words between WazirX founder and Binance Ceo, it looks like the blame game has already been started. While the founder of WazirX is blaming Binance CEO for having complete control of their system. But Binance CEO is denying all allegations by the former.

WazirX Founder stated :

“We could shut down WazirX” – Proves you have control “Shared access of AWS” – You have ROOT access of AWS! Anyone with root access controls AWS “WazirX domain transferred to our control” – Good to see you confirm that Only control now is Zanmai, why are you not taking it?

To this Binance’s CEO said :

People playing deception wording games. We can shut down the domain. It just hurts users. We do NOT have control of the trading system. You just gave the AWS login, no source code, no deployment capability. You also retained access to the AWS account, source code, deploy, etc.

Why so much hassle between the two founders?

Recently the offices of WazirX were raided by the Indian authorities over allegations of Money Laundering. After the news broke out several allegations were made at the Binance also. As finance stated that they owned WazirX means it had control over the functioning itself. However, Binance’s CEO has denied all probabilities that they never had access to their source code and limited access to their AWS system.

Both CEOs have started a Twitter war in which both of them are accusing each other on Twitter. It looks like no one wants to have the heat from the Indian authorities. WazirX which is one of the major crypto wallets in India has been facing scrutiny from the Indian authorities over its functioning.