Play station 5 sold out in 1 min in India

It’s not easy to grab even a single unit during an online sale. The entire units out in no time. There were orders before launching in Europe from India.

This shows the craze of consoles which might be more than sony has thought of. The new PS 5 is in high demand without a point of doubt.

Before you think you have to get one for Rs 49,990 you may lose the chance of buying it. The company has already warned that the supply of the product would be limited- so you need to be clear before you pre-order a PS5.

Five reasons to buy Sony’s PlayStation 5

A dual sense controller feels like a true next-gen controller.

It is less confusing. It has two models, but they are identical except for one variant.

The PS5 is extremely powerful.

Sony’s new generation console has excellent 3D audio.