A Man From Bihar Spends Rs 3.5 Lakhs To Turn His Car In To A Helicopter

It’s alternate for the rest of the world, but it’s ‘Jugaad’ for Indians, and we are really excellent at it. With his brand-new Jugaad, an individual from Bihar has proven the saying right.

Khagaria’s Diwakar Kumar, a resident of Bihar, modified his car to look like a helicopter. According to him, the modification cost him approximately Rs. 3.5 lakhs. He claimed that this idea came to his mind when he saw a video on YouTube regarding this. He also added that he will be taking bookings for this helicopter during wedding ceremonies. He did so because he realized people are now seeking other unique ways to get their bride home.

“I saw it on YouTube and thought of doing this. I have spent Rs 3.5 lakhs on the modification. I will use it for bookings in wedding ceremonies” he said.

Many people actually prefer to go by helicopter rather than by car or carriage, but helicopter rents are extremely expensive, and so everyone can not afford them. For the citizens of the community, a car’s transformation into a helicopter made things feasible. He addressed the problem by designing low-cost helicopter that would allow many young couples to fulfill their dreams.

However, Diwakar Kumar of Khagaria is not the only Bihar resident who can turn his vehicle into a helicopter. In the years 2022 and 2019, Guddu Sharma of Bagaha, Bihar, and Mithilesh Prashad of Chhapra district, respectively, modified their cars to turn them into helicopters.