Mann ki Baat: PM says that Vaccination Statistics in India reached 140 doses vaccines inoculated for covid

Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation in last episode of Mann ki Baat of this year.

In the last month’s episode broadcasted on 28th November, PM Modi directed us towards the completion of 50 years of India’s victory over Pakistan in 1971 war.

And today, PM Modi talked about the tremendous contributions of the scientific community for developing vaccines for coronavirus and people trust in them made everything possible.

PM Modi said, “It is our effort which could make fighting against the pandemic possible”.

He added, “India has achieved a milestone in vaccine coverage” and further mentioned that according to statistics we have inoculated 140 doses of vaccines in our country which is a great achievement if we compare ourselves with other countries.

He also said, “India’s vaccination numbers are rising and this shows the innovative zeal of our scientists and the trust of our people”.

“India is fighting Covid-19 thanks to the spirited effort by our jan shakti.” PM Modi also asked the people to stay safe and careful from the new deadly Variant Omicron of Coronavirus.


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