Here is an honest review of TCL STYLUS 5G

The brand new TCL STYLUS 5G is available for $258 from T-Mobile and for $269 from Metro by T-Mobile.

These two models are the exact model and this is the only way to buy this model in the US.

Additionally, the STYLUS 5G is the third notable budget STYLUS phone to arrive on US in 2022, alongside the new version of Motorola’s Moto G Stylus and Moto G Stylus 5G.

Few notable things –

Moreover, TCL’s Stylus mobile offers least RAM as compared to Motorola or the $282 non-stylus OnePlus Nord N20.

It is considered as the least expensive of all three models.

The battery is 4000mAh with 6.81 inch LCD and no quality in OLED.

‘This all leaves the TCL Stylus in awkward territory. It’s inexpensive, to be sure, but also thoroughly unremarkable’, says The Verge portal.

The mobile also creates some hesitation as the user uses numerous apps at the same time. Even the battery isn’t best in class but it will last through a day of moderate use, The Verge mentions.

Additionally, in the theory, the feature flatters images on screen to boost color and contrast.

Although there is only thin hair like difference but still the colors look oversaturated even in ‘natural mode’.

TCL have also partnered with Nebo while offering it a version of its existing notes app which is developed for handwriting recognition.

There is another handwriting recognition app called MyScript 2 made by Nebo itself.

However this app is not present in Motorola’s stylus phones but it can be added as it cost $3 only.

More details –

The TCL’S marketing director, Stefan Streit mentions that the phone will get Android 13, but that will be the only OS upgrade that it sees.

It’s only scheduled to receive two years of security updates, which isn’t much.

Both Motorola and OnePlus offer three years of security updates for similarly priced phones, so TCL’s two-year policy is on the low end, even among budget devices.

Even the camera features much more similar with the TCL 30 V 5G. The camera does more face smoothing than preferred and it’s prone to some strange lens flare.

The Verge mentions it’s subtle but noticeable.

The TCL Stylus is quite reasonable and it’s very much recommended but sometimes it falls very short as a total package of Motorola’s 5G and non-5G stylus phones from a lackluster screen, middling performance, and one less year of software support.

So, one can choose Moto G stylus 5G if a Stylus is a must have and if stylus isn’t a main priority than one can choose OnePlus N20 in T-Mobile, according to The Verge.


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