Best online games for old people

Sometimes, flipping through channels and scrolling through social media can get repetitive. But when you’re craving social interaction, mental stimulation, and an hour of fun, playing games checks all three boxes. Below, we share our favorite games for seniors so you can piece together your own game night.

If you prefer an afternoon to yourself, you can put together a crossword puzzle, try your hand at Sudoku, or complete a word search. These puzzle games are incredibly beneficial for senior citizens, helping to enhance memory skills and increase dexterity in your hands.

1. The best list of online games for seniors would be incomplete without mentioning Solitaire, considered by some to be the most popular card game of all. Seniors who play Solitaire train their brains to recognize patterns. As a result, older players’ memories get a workout.

2. New word puzzles are introduced every day in the online game Daily Word Search. Seniors may elect to play at beginner or advanced tiers, making the game suitable for every skill level. The classic word search is available to seniors online for free.

3. Finger Basketball is a free app that simulates shooting a basketball. You’ll have to swipe and click your screen in the right direction and amount of force to score a basket.

4. Memory skills are sharpened with online games, like Treasure Hunt. This game features a pirate theme, perfect for seniors with a love for adventure. Seniors earn virtual gold coins as they successfully remember the correct items found in each of the pirate ship’s rooms.

5. Checkers is a classic game that can also be played online. The pieces are uniform, and the game requires less strategic thinking. Still, checkers players must think ahead and anticipate their opponent’s next move. Seniors may choose from among various levels of difficulty.

Seniors experience various health benefits from gaming. Studies show that people who play various board, card, and trivia games decrease their risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition, playing games can improve your word retrieval, finger dexterity, and short- and long-term memory skills.