A complete manual on how to cope with the problem of overheating laptops

Laptops are not only convenient but also portable, which makes them quite desirable among its users.  However, the issue of the overheating of laptops still remains a very acrid thing among the customers. Today, in this article, we will discuss about some of the ways through which we will be able to protect our laptops from overheating.  Having said that, it is also vital to know if your laptop is actually overheated or not, because every laptop emits a certain volume of heat while working, but if the efficiency and working capacity of the laptop reduces to a considerable low, then the issue should be attended at the earliest. Even before focusing on the internal mechanism of the device, it is vital that we take care of our workspace and laptop and keep it clean and free of dust particles. Dust particles naturally stick to the blades of the exhaust fan and act as an active deterrent to the performance of the laptop.

A simple way that can be adopted to bring down the temperature of the laptop is, by switching it off for a while and then restarting it again after a certain point of time. However, during periods of extreme work pressure this solution might not be a very useful. In that case the following measure can be undertaken:

-Firstly when our laptops become overheated the most advisable thing to do is cleaning out the exhaust fan of the laptop. The exhaust fan of the laptop becomes dysfunctional as a result of accumulation of dust while reducing the efficiency of the device. Before beginning with the cleaning process one must switch off the laptop and remove the battery. The blades of the exhaust fan can be cleaned with a piece of cloth, soaked in alcohol. However, in most of the cases, the laptops cannot be opened manually. Under such a situation, a person might have to visit the customer care for the maintenance of the laptop. But before cleaning the exhaust fan of the laptop the device should have to be switched off and the battery should be removed.

-The exhaust fan which is entrusted with the basic responsibility of protecting the laptop from overheating fails to perform its task effectively when the laptop is placed on a soft surface, such as a mattress or a sofa. So, when working for longer hours, it is advisable to place the device on a flat surface that doesn’t hinder the task of the exhaust fan.

-The laptop should not be kept in a standby mode while carrying it inside a laptop case. This causes the laptop to become overheated while causing it to shut down on its own.


-The customers can also choose from a wide range of laptop coolers that are quite easily available in the market these days. Laptop coolers are not very expensive but increase the overall performance of the laptop by maintaining a standard temperature of the device.  Cooler Master Notepad XL, Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 are some of the laptop coolers that are dominating the market in the recent times, and can be good options for those who are planning to buy one.

Finally, certain software can also be installed, to reduce the overall temperature of the laptop while incessantly working on them. Apart from the mentioned solutions, a person should also be cautious and close the multiple applications and tabs that can act as an active deterrent to the working capacity of the laptop, and can even adjust the screen resolution as and when required.