Thailand to legalize growing marijuana; becomes the first country in Asia to do so

Thailand legalized growing marijuana along with its consumption by the public.

This country becomes the first one to start this new phase while legalizing its growth along with its consumption.

However, smoking pot is still illegal.

The aim to legalize marijuana’s growth is for increasing agriculture along with boosting tourism.

Numerous shoppers queued at outlets selling

cannabis filled drinks, sweets and other food items for welcoming improvement in strict anti-drug laws.

Earlier, Thailand used cannabis for serving pain and fatigue legalized medicinal marijuana in 2018.

Currently, the public health minister claims to distribute 1 million marijuana seedlings from Friday.

Removing all the plants from narcotic drugs categories makes Thailand the first country in Asia to legalise marijuana for medicinal and industrial use.

‘After COVID, the economy is going down the drain, we really do need this,’ says Chokwan Kitty Chopaka, the owner of cannabis vum sweet store.

Although the government will give away million plants to encourage farmers for cultivation.

Whereas, the authorities asked for limiting the strength of the cannabis products that are legal.

The possession and sale of cannabis extracts containing more than 0.2% of its psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, is not allowed, which will rule out smokers of the drug known as “pot”, “weed” and a host of other names, from getting “high”.

The rule breaker can still be in jail and can be fined, according to a Reuters report.

Cannabis growers have to register themselves on the PlookGanja government app.

However, Nearly 100,000 people have signed up to the app, said health ministry official Paisan Dankhum.