PC Saliya Peiris requests the GGG community to increase the crowd after court’s order

PC Saliya Peiris received a call about a court order to remove the GotaGoGama within a few days.  He did, however, requested the GGG community to increase the number of people attending GGG as soon as possible.

Sri Lanka, labelled the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” is currently in crisis.

Power outages across the island, as well as mile-long lines for basic commodities such as fuel, gas, and even milk powder, have made life extremely difficult for the average Sri Lankan.

In the midst of this chaos, something new and beautiful has emerged; people are standing up to wrongdoing with a sense of unity and camaraderie that is breathtaking to witness.

Protests by citizens across the country have culminated in a single, central location, a space adjacent to the President’s Secretariat at Galle Face, in one of Colombo’s busiest business districts.

Sri Lankans have named this space “Gotagogama”.

Every day and night, thousands of people flock to this point to join this liberating movement, often pitching tents and camping out overnight! Here are a few interesting facts about Sri Lanka’s newest village that you should be aware of.