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How to organically increase followers on Twitter

Though Twitter has been an influential platform of social media, even today there are marketers who don’t quite understand its power (or how to use it).

This is especially true when it comes to growing a big list of followers.

Here are 5 Twitter management tips that can help you build a long list of followers organically.

1. Replying and retweeting:

In order to increase your followers, you need to keep conversing with your existing and potential followers. These conversations should be natural and promotion free.

There is also a lot of give and take on Twitter. When someone follows you, be sure to check out their profile and follow them back if what they do is relevant to your business. Also, when you reply to a particular tweet, mention the user’s name in your post.

Besides, re-tweeting is another great way to show courtesy on Twitter. If you see a post on Twitter that is related to your brand or to the services/products you provide, retweet it. You can also add your own short comment to the post to personalize it.

2. Consistency:

Publishing informative content on a regular basis has a good chance of increasing your organic followers. People love reading new information, and the more information you share, the more engagement you will get on your Twitter page.

Post around 80% of the content purely informative while the remaining 20% can be promotional in nature. Also, try to alternate between text and visual content from time to time. 

3. Monitor hashtags and trending topics:

Hashtags are used to categorise the never-ending stream of content on Twitter, and can also make your tweets easy to discover. Using the right hashtags in your post can be very beneficial as they help put your tweet on other users’ radars.

4. Engage:

Find influencers in your industry and reach out to them via Twitter posts. Mention them in your posts, and engage them in conversations that relate to your brand. These thought leaders will, in turn, share your content, giving you more exposure to a larger network of users.

5. Promote your Twitter handle

Make an eye-catching Twitter profile with an attractive header image, and a relevant profile picture. Yes, this means, your pet dog or cat can’t be on your profile picture!

Put up your Twitter details wherever it is possible. The best places are of course your own company website. You can also include your Twitter handle at the end of your blog posts and also embed a live Twitter feed on your blog page.