Dont want Facebook to track your activity, here is how you can do it!

That Facebook gathers information about you should not shock anyone. Additionally, the organization utilizes data from various destinations and applications to order its own dossiers. What’s more, however the choice to post something on Facebook (or not) rests with you, outsider administrations will not by and large illuminate you what information they communicate and to whom.

Off-Facebook Activity

In the no so distant past, Facebook started offering clients the capacity to see and oversee data gathered from outsiders. You’ll see that alternative, Off-Facebook Activity, in Facebook’s protection settings:

Snap or tap the triangle (Web adaptation) or menu (portable application) symbol in the upper right corner of the screen;

Select Settings and Privacy;

Open Settings;

Go to Your Facebook Information;

Snap Off-Facebook Activity.

Despite the fact that you can’t boycott information assortment, you can burrow around Off-Facebook Activity to discover who’s spilling what might be said about you to the interpersonal organization and unlink your profile from such data. That is something, at any rate.

Who reports your movement to Facebook

Destinations and applications utilize different online media apparatuses, from the “Sign in with Facebook” catch to investigation devices, to impart data to Facebook.

You’ll discover a portion of those suppliers not too far off on the Off-Facebook Activity page. To open the full rundown, snap or tap Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity. Now you’ll need to enter your secret key.

The sheer size of the information assortment may overwhelm you: Facebook’s accomplices incorporate news gateways, banking applications, and some more. You may discover a site recorded that you don’t recall visiting since it’s simply an item you incidentally clicked.

What information do locales and applications move to Facebook?

Off-Facebook Activity comprises fundamentally of data about your connections with different administrations. For instance, a media website may illuminate the interpersonal organization that you read the most recent news, and an online store would report that you saw or purchased an item.

The Facebook settings show just the quantity of activities a specific asset has shared, yet you can download a file with subtleties:

Go to Settings → Your Facebook Information → Off-Facebook Activity → Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity;

On the page posting the applications that send data about your movement to Facebook, select Download Your Information. (In the portable application, tap the symbol in the upper right corner of the screen first);

On the off chance that essential, select what information and for what period to download. As a matter of course, Facebook makes a file of all data identified with you, including your posts, movement on the informal community, and that’s just the beginning. On the off chance that your sole interest is information from outsiders, uncheck all containers with the exception of Ads and Businesses;

Tap Create File.

Making the file takes anyplace from a couple of moments to a few days. A basic solicitation for simply Off-Facebook Activity data will in all probability be very snappy.

Facebook takes note of that it really gets more information than what you see. By and by, the data can be enlightening. Additionally, you can enroll an objection against any help that you find passed touchy information to Facebook:

Go to Settings → Your Facebook Information → Off-Facebook Activity → Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity;

In the rundown of locales and applications, snap or tap the name of the help;

Snap or tap Give criticism about this movement;

Select the purpose behind the grievance.

Step by step instructions to erase information from your record

Facebook allows you to get your profile free from information previously gathered about you. To forestall past online movement from affecting the advertisements you see, go to Settings → Your Facebook Information → Off-Facebook Activity and snap or tap Clear History.

Instructions to keep destinations from sending information to Facebook

You can’t drive Facebook and outsider administrations to cut off interchanges altogether; locales and applications will consistently report some data about you to interpersonal organizations. A few locales have gotten found ignoring a lot of individual information, and they’ve changed their methodologies therefore, yet that has nothing to do with Facebook settings.

To be proactive, arrange the interpersonal organization not to connect data about your action on outsider administrations to your profile or use it to show customized advertisements. You can do that for locales and applications independently or at the same time.

To get Facebook to quit adding information from a specific site to its dossier on you:

Go to Settings → Your Facebook Information → Off-Facebook Activity → Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity;

Snap or tap the name of the website in the rundown, and in the window that opens, select Turn off future movement from [website name];

Snap or tap the Turn Off button.

Inside two days, Facebook will quit serving you promotions dependent on data from that asset. By then, you won’t utilize the “Sign in with Facebook” button on this site (except if you change the slowing down).

You can likewise boycott all sending of information by locales and applications — simply be set up to be endorsed out quickly from all administrations to which you were signed in with Facebook.

To prevent Facebook from focusing on promotions dependent on what locales and applications you use:

On the Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity page with a rundown of administrations that have imparted data about you to Facebook, snap or tap Manage Future Activity. In the Web form, this thing is on the privilege of the screen; in the versatile application, it is accessible in the three-speck menu;

Snap or tap Manage Future Activity;

Incapacitate Future Off-Facebook Activity;

Snap or tap Turn Off.

All done! Presently the informal organization will at this point don’t attack you with promotions for shoes since you as of late purchased a couple of tennis shoes.

Then, on the off chance that you haven’t as of now, design your Facebook record’s security and protection, just as notices. What’s more, in the event that you are pondering saying goodbye to the informal community out and out, look at our post itemizing how to erase your Facebook account appropriately without losing your important information and photographs.