Tesla Model 3 vs MG ZS EV: Here’s what the prospective buyers should know

Looking for an electric car and don’t know which one to purchase? Well, here’s an easy task for a prospective buyer to perform. Pick up a detailed online guide and read it through. Your car buying process will definitely be easier than ever. And, that’s what matters the most.

Let’s discuss two awesome electric cars today, namely, the Tesla Model 3 as well as the MG ZS EV.

These electric SUV cars are some of the best electric cars in the world today. Here’s a brief guide on these cars by Tesla as well as MG respectively.

Tesla, the brand owned by Elon Musk, launched its Model 3 in 2021. The vehicle is considered to be good for safety. It has a safety-first design. From impact protection to rigid structure, the Tesla Model 3 has it all.

It has performance pedals and an all-wheel drive dual motor. It is one of the best electric vehicles for traveling long distances. You can navigate the car on Autopilot mode. It also has an expansive glass roof.

Here are the features of the Tesla Model 3 and MG ZS EV

It also has all-weather comfort with heated side mirrors, seat heaters and so much more. It has in-car sound dynamics as good as a recording studio. It seats 5 adults. The battery is long-range. The basic vehicle has a 4-year warranty. It has successfully achieved NHTSA 5-star ratings for its safety.

The car has a very low rollover risk. With a fully electric engine and Tesla’s 35,000 superchargers worldwide, the Tesla Model 3 car is a great choice for those who prefer premium electric cars or EVs.

The MG ZS EV car is available in stunning colors such as Copenhagen Blue, Ferris White as well as Currant Red. The car has a beautiful design. Various personalized offers are available on this car in different cities of India such as Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore.

It has zero tailpipe emissions which makes it an environmentally friendly car. MG has provided fast charging support for this car. The front grill profile is stronger and the car is said to have a stronger and bolder look.

It needs minimal maintenance. It is a fun electric vehicle (EV) to hit the roads. It has iOT-driven mobility. Most importantly, it has evolving battery mobility which is of immense importance today. It is also cost-effective. There is no extra registration fee involved. The interior of this car is sturdy.

Made with strong polymers, it is of exemplary quality. It is important to notice that this car is one of the best EV cars in today’s time, in 2022. You can also get a panoramic sunroof, automatic headlights as well as automatic wipers.

You can use i-Smart features by connecting them to this car’s system. It also has a 360-degree camera which is absolutely stunning as well as a great necessity in modern cars.


Premium Electric Vehicles (EVs) are costly and on the higher end of the budget and so are these two premium cars by Tesla and MG respectively.

The price of the new Tesla Model 3 car is more than 32 lakhs in the Indian automobile market. It is a premium Electronic Vehicle (EV).

The price of the MG ZS EV falls under the price range of 22 lakhs INR to 25 or 26 lakhs INR in the Indian automobile market. However, offers or discounts might be available on these cars if you check well. These prices are mostly the ex-showroom prices offered pan India. See which one’s the best for you. Check the latest deals and bring home your favorite car soon. What are you waiting for? Do it today.


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