Is Job Bazaar launched by Delhi Government just another job portal like Naukri?

As we are coming out of the lockdown phase, a lot of people have lost their jobs due to coronavirus pandemic lockdown. People were excited because of the launch of Job Bazaar, a great initiative by the Delhi Government. You can access it via

However, upon checking the site made by the Delhi Government we found it is just another job portal like,, and many more. Also, we found that there is a disclaimer attached stating”
झूठे वादों से सावधान! नौकरी के बदले पैसे न दें|
Beware of false promises!”. This means that there is no check and balance maintained on the portal and anyone can post a job and can take advantage of people who are desperate in these hard times, who are looking for a job. As a government portal, people would think that its a portal where government job postings will be published, however, it doesn’t distinguish the source or whether the source is legit or not.

We looked for some oppurtunitiues on the portal hoevere we didnt find much but what we did find was like this

What is our take on this:

We believe government should try to facilitate some kind of security on the portal to identify at least who is posting the job by asking them to upload some proof.