Nothing but the best luck on the ‘Friday 13th’, says Kane Hodder

Kane Warren Hodder is an American stuntman, actor and an author from Auburn, California,U.S. He is famously known for Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th and says there’s nothing unlucky about Friday the 13th.

Jason Vorhees is a comic character from the Friday the 13th series.

Why is Friday 13th day is considered unlucky?

Friday the 13th worked as a life changing mode in my life. Though It is considered to be an unlucky day in western countries just like other superstitions.

It is related to the Last supper, attended by 13 people which included Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples on Maundy Thursday, the night before Jesus’s Crucifixion held by Roman Soldiers on Good Friday. That’s why it’s considered an unlucky day whenever the 13th day of any Month comes on Friday in the Gregorian calendar.

But Kane doesn’t believe in this superstition, because many times, this date and day has been the luckiest day in his life.

He claimed that ‘Friday the 13th’ gave a boost to his career where he was transformed as a Horror movie star from a Normal stunt man.

One accident did happen on 13th where, while doing a fire stunt, he got burned badly in that but still that 13th wasn’t a Friday.

Friday the 13th didn’t just help him brighten his movie roles but also he saw that a good amount of capital was there in his pocket.