DJI’s Osmo Mobile 6 gimbal now offers a new “Quick Launch” feature and improved tracking system

In contrast to its predecessors, the newly introduced DJI Osmo Mobile 6 gimbal has a larger clamp to accept larger phones or smaller ones with tougher cases. It still retains the built-in extension rod from the Osmo Mobile 5 that allows you to use it as a selfie stick, but it also has a new grip that is more comfortable to hold. Additionally, the Osmo 6 comes with a more advanced version of DJI’s ActiveTrack, which permits stable tracking over long distances and enables the front camera of the phone to track spinning or moving objects.

Quick Launch is an additional new function for the iPhone. As long as an iPhone is attached to the stabilizer, the Mimo app enters the camera view as soon as the gimbal is unfolded. It can get the phone ready to take pictures three times faster than previous Osmo Mobile models, according to DJI. This might drastically cut down on preparation times.

With each push of the Mode button, the new gimbal’s built-in status panel, which also offers a quick method to monitor battery life, lets you switch between modes. When in Follow mode, the camera view follows the gimbal’s pan and tilt motions but remains still during rolls.

When tilt-lock is engaged, the camera view can follow the gimbal’s pan motions while remaining steady during tilts and rolls. FPV mode enables the camera view to track all gimbal movements for more dynamic footage as compared to SpinShot, which allows you to move the joystick left or right to control the camera view.

Timelapse, gesture control, automatic dynamic zoom, panorama, and narrative modes are just a few of the high-end capabilities that the Osmo Mobile 6 has in common with its predecessor. The side wheel on the gimbal can be used to adjust the focal length and zoom in or out.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is now offered on the company’s website for €169/£145 (US$166) and will ultimately be sold in additional stores. The box will contain a magnetic clamp, a tripod, a power cord, a wrist strap, and a storage sack.

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