Skynet now routing through Miranda and Rostelecom in Russia rather than Ukrainian telecom infrastructure

Following Russia’s occupation of the region, traceroute metrics show that Ukraine’s internet provider Skynet (Khersontelecom) is now routing through Russia’s Miranda and Rostelecom rather than Ukrainian telecom infrastructure.

NetBlocks network data confirms a series of significant internet service disruptions in Ukraine. As Russia’s military operation progresses, disruptions have been tracked across much of Ukraine, including the capital city of Kyiv.

According to metrics, internet connectivity on provider Skynet (Khersontelecom) in Russian-occupied Kherson, south Ukraine, has been partially restored and rerouted through Russia’s Rostelecom rather than Ukrainian infrastructure.

A near-total internet blackout was observed across the occupied region of Kherson in south Ukraine, affecting multiple Ukrainian providers such as Ukrtelecom, Kyivstar, and Volia. The incident, according to mobile operator Vodafone, was “unfortunately not an accident,” and at least one anonymous Russian source claimed that Russia was now attempting to deploy its own replacement network.