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Women’s Day2020: Inspiring women in tech industry

Supporting and upholding women’s rights is a duty year round. But it’s even more important to take a stand for women’s equality on International Women’s Day (IWD), which is this year on March 8, 2020.

Here are some of the quotes by Women’s in the Tech World :-

Ms. Ruchi Ceo & Co-Founder, Venuelook

Ms. Ruchi Ceo & Co-Founder, Venuelook

For centuries, most men have been thanking the women in their family to provide inspiration, motivation, and support that enabled them to achieve extraordinary feats in life. Sadly, eventually, this became the norm – our society’s perfect template! Women are raised to be multi-talented, multi-taskers; to be lady-like (polite, non-aggressive, inclusive); to be dependable; to be empathetic, caring for the family and society. And yet when some of them try to break the society’s perfect template (the glass ceiling), they enter an ugly world that starts to judge them with a bias! There are definitely more existing biases in the society and if we add gender bias to the list too, then opportunities left for women to grow professionally are constrained “Women, from time immemorial, have fought for the right of others, now it’s her time to get her rights realized and get equal participation in the society.” The day I wouldn’t need to write anything about women getting “Equal Rights” in this society, is the day this world will have moved to a dimension of unbound success.

Let us dedicate this day to all the strong women, who are always there when we need them. As we say strong women makes the world strong.

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