Zendaya being pregnant gets viral on the social media; checkout now!

A viral trend has fooled the people on TikTok and social media platforms on Zendaya being pregnant. Several memes and jokes on Twitter ha been viral around the social media who believed this rumor. Consequently, thousands of Zendaya fans are believing that Zendaya is pregnant with Tom Holland’s baby.

Consequently, the rumors started after a fake TikTok video went viral on the social media. The video showed the actress posting a pregnant ultrasound post on her Instagram account. It also had a caption, ‘I love you. Halfway there @tomholland2013.’

Some of the fans have openly asked and tweeted, “Wait Zendaya is pregnant?”. Consequently, some of the people have also messaged fake congratulations for the actress Zendaya with emojis.

People were trending the hashtag, #Krissed on social media. And TikTok was filled with videos of fans reactions with the #Krissed meme. Many of the rumors of Zendaya and Tom Holland including their pregnancy, breaking up, or getting engaged were also been viral.

However, it has been confirmed that Zendaya is not pregnant. The fake video got viral just to gain millions of likes and comments.