TRAI ends IUC, all jio calls will be free!

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has removed IUC i.e interconnect usage charges. Let me tell you what is IUC.

Suppose you use Jio network, and you call a friend who use another network suppose Airtel. So when you will call Airtel Jio had to give 6 paisa/minute to Airtel and same is the case when your friend calls you, Airtel has to pay to Jio at the same rate. This rate is called IUC.

Earlier IUC was to be removed in 2019 but later TRAI changed the plan and announced to implement IUC. When the IUC was to be removed then Jio company announced to bear all the tariff itself and not to charge from its customers. But later when the plan was changed by that time Jio has to suffer the loss of 13,500 crore. After this Jio declared that it will bear the charges from its customers and also said that when IUC will be removed finally then people don’t need to pay the tariffs.

Now TRAI has announced that from Jan 2021 it has removed IUC so according to the declaration Jio will charge no money for Jio to non Jio calls and you can call for any minute of time. This doesn’t mean you do not need to recharge your phone but it means that the limited time that were you getting in plan for calling Jio to non Jio customer will be unlimited from now onwards.