Snickers makes apology for claiming Taiwan as separate country to china

The American candy company, Snickers has been forced to apologise to China after the the brand ran an advertising, in which it referred to Taiwan as a separate country.

According to reports, the ad was in association with Korean pop brand BTS, Snickers stated that the new limited edition chocolate bar will only be available in South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The advertisement went viral on social media platforms, including the Chinese space, moreover, one Chinese user wrote, “Is it so hard to say there is only one China?” while another said, “Say Taiwan is an inseparable part of China.”

With immediate effect, Mars Wrigley and its entire Chinese corporate setup swung into action to calm down the situation, “Mars Wrigley respects China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity and conducts its business operations in strict compliance with local Chinese laws and regulations,” the company made an apology on their Weibo account.

“Snickers on Fri apologized for marking Taiwan island as a country, saying its local team has verified & aligned the official site and social media accounts to ensure accurate content. Snickers owner Mars Wrigley said it respects China’s natl sovereignty and territorial integrity.” the Chinese state media Global Times also carried out an apology for the same.

With the ongoing Chinese defense departments taking drill in Taiwan zones, this controversy has added more fuel to the fire.