A pilot who threatened to hit Walmart store has crash landed his stolen plane

On Saturday, A pilot who threatened to deliberately crash into the Walmart store on West Main in Tupelo, a city in northeast Mississippi in the United States crash-landed his stolen plane and has been taken into custody.

Police have also been able to start talking with the pilot directly, it said but gave no information regarding the pilot’s identity or motive.

It is reported that the pilot has stolen the small aircraft, a Beechcraft King Air 90, from Tupelo Airport. It is a nine-seater with two engines.

The police have said in a statement that the citizens have been asked to stay away from that area until all clear is given. They further said that with the mobility of an airplane of that type the danger zone is much larger than Tupelo.

The people have been asked to disperse by the Tupelo Police Department. It says that all emergency services have been put on alert.

A map from the FlightAware website showed what appeared to be the plane’s course – an erratic, zigzag pattern centered around Tupelo, a city of about 40,000 known as the birthplace of Elvis Presley, NDTV reports.

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