Thank goodness for Senator Manchin – Elon Musk

On Friday morning, Elon Musk tweeted in favour of Senator Manchin. He said in one of his tweets addressing the senator Thank goodness for Senator Manchin.

To this Lavern Spicer, GOP Congressional Candidate for the state of Florida 2024 said wrong. He just folded like a complete coward. Who’s side are you really on Elon?

Why Elon Musk is supporting a conservative democrat?

Manchin has already stymied a large number of Democratic plans. He has vetoed every significant item of partisan Democratic legislation in the Biden agenda that has been brought to the floor, with the exception of the American Rescue Plan in the early days of the Biden administration. Take Manchin’s vote on Wednesday against the Democrats’ effort to make Roe v. Wade a legal requirement. Despite stating an interest in “codifying” Roe in some way, Manchin, who sees himself as “pro-life all my life,” voted against the bill because he believed it was intended to “increase” abortion.

In a state like West Virginia, where 58 percent of voters think abortion should be prohibited in “all/most circumstances,” it’s exactly the kind of vote a Republican senator would cast (though not for the exact reason). He was joined in voting by Republican Shelley Moore Capito, the other senator from the state. The vote’s importance cannot be overstated: Manchin disagreed with his caucus (almost all of whom are pro-abortion) on one of the most divisive topics in America, which breaks nearly cleanly along party lines and is a rallying cry for the Democratic Party, and sided with the GOP.