Sophie Araque-Liu’s Doodle selected for Google’s 2022 entry

The world’s most popular search engine, Google, has chosen to showcase Sophie Araque-winning Liu’s Doodle for Google’s 2022 entry. The 16-year-old winner’s artwork will be on display at the company’s location during August.

The winning artwork tries are shown on Google’s home page in Chrome. After numerous assessments and rounds of public voting, Google declared Sophie the winner. Every year, as part of the Doodle for Google competition, Google asks the country to submit art motivated by a particular Google Doodle theme. The Google Doodle for 2022 was about “I care for myself by….” In response to this problem, the titan of the internet urged students to share their upbeat strategies for regaining their emotional and mental health.

Thousands of submissions are first evaluated by the Google judges team before they choose the best artwork from each US state and territory. After each state and territory has selected a winner, the general public is encouraged to cast their vote for the artwork they like best.

Google chooses five national finalists in an open vote who represent different age groups. The artwork of these finalists is then evaluated once more by the panel of judges. The winner’s name is then decided upon by all present.

This year, the panel of judges included Selena Gomez and the Teacher of the Year for 2021.

Sophie’s artwork had the title “Not Alone.” The audience was motivated to ask for and accept help from others around them. Her Google Doodle replaces the second O of Google with a hug between two family members. All of the other letters in her artwork are red-painted. Google will not only display Sophie’s artwork on its website but also give her a $30,000 college scholarship. The company will also provide Sophie’s school with a $50,000 technological bundle. The technology package aims to modernize the lab’s furnishings.

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