Should the Dream11 app face the wrath for not donating?

In this global pandemic of coronavirus, where all the big tech giants have come forward to donate some part of their wealth. Some haven’t donated anything yet. Because of which some companies like the Dream11 app are facing the wrath from its users for not donating.

One company has recently been in the eyes of the people, that is Dream11. Dream11 app is a fantasy sports platform based in India that allows users to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball. People are asking the company as to why they haven’t donated anything yet to help.

Dream11 has grown exponentially in recent times and has crossed the $1 Billion mark recently. The company also projected a total transaction amounting to $650 Million.

Some users are also starting to uninstall the dream11 app from their phones to show their dissatisfaction with the company for not donating.

A lot of tech companies have come forward in donating their share in this global epidemic. Google recently announced $800 million, Apple also came forward for donating 20 million masks.

We will keep you posted if there is any update from Dream11 App for donating.