PM Modi tweeted today on the occasion of Guru Gobind Singh Ji 350th Prakash Purab

Leader Narendra Modi on Wednesday paid his recognitions for Guru Gobind Singh at the event of his Parkash Purab.

“I bow to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji on the pious occasion of his Parkash Purab. His was a life devoted to creating a just and inclusive society. He was unwavering when it came to upholding his principles. We also recall his courage and sacrifices,” PM Modi tweeted.

The Prime Minister likewise reviewed excellent festivals on 350th Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Gobind Singh.

“The Guru Sahibs have a special Kripa on me that the 350th Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji took place during the tenure of our Government. I recall the grand celebrations in Patna, where I also had the opportunity to go and pay my respects,” PM Modi said.

Conceived Gobind Rai at Patna Sahib in Bihar, Guru Gobind Singh was the tenth and last of Sikh masters in human structure. He was enthroned at the ‘Master Gaddi’ at nine years old, following the suffering of his dad, the 10th Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji.