Justin Bieber shares an Indian man’s ‘dhol playing video’ on his Instagram story

A man playing dhol at a ‘jagrata’ has been went viral on social media which has caught the attention of pop singer Justin Bieber.

The viral video was posted on Instagram on July 8 by a account named Rangile Haryanvi and was then posted by Justin Bieber in his Instagram stories captioning, “@stixxtaylor, I am expecting you to do this in next show” and mentioned Devon Taylor in the story.

The extraordinary style and spirit of the man were loved by the netizens which made the video more and more viral on social media.

The man wored a yellow T-shirt and denim and seemed lost in other world at the jagraata. Along with him, the audience were also jumping to the beats of his dhol. The energy of the man was at an extreme level throughout the program. Dazzled by the man’s performance, Bieber tagged his drummer friend and expected him to perform like this on the stage at the next concert.