Is twitter going to be banned in India after it added manipulated media on political leaders tweet? Read More

Twitter has been a great platform for people who were looking for help online in this covid-19 pandemic. However, it is now on the receiving end of the government as recently it added a tag on some politician tweets as a manipulated media. This in turn triggered the government to take action against this social media platform.

The government asked Twitter to remove the tag from those tweets as it was a matter of discussion in the court of law. The government of India gave a firm notice to Twitter to make the changes within 7 days, however, they haven’t made any changes and now according to reports team of officials were sent to raid the office of Twitter which is in gurugram right now.

So the question comes that whether twitter will be banned in India as it is in China. We believe that this is a question that everyone has right now but we feel that so far Twitter is not going away it will stay in India but the question is for how long.