Want to sleep on a $57000 (₹47 Lakh) pillow?

The world’s most expensive pillow which costs around $57,000 (INR 45 lakh) will soon hit the market. No matter how strange it may sound it has been effectively designed and created by a physiotherapist from the Netherlands, van der Hilst. He took almost fifteen years to create this pillow. The pillow is said to be beneficial for several health issues.


Reports say that the pillow is made of Egyptian cotton, mulberry silk, and non-toxic Dutch memory foam. Dutch memory foam is the premium quality memory foam combined with the highest quality silk, Mulberry silk, and Egyptian cotton to provide a smooth texture.

The pillow is not like any ordinary one found on the market, a pillow 3D scanner is designed to measure the dimensions of the user’s head. The quality Dutch memory foam will then change to adapt to the exact dimension provided. The pillow is also designed to keep track of the user’s upper body measurements and sleeping habits. The data is recorded and sent to the design team in Holland. The design team will then create the pillow with the provided data and measurements.

According to media reports, Mr. Hilst has done an extensive amount of research before creating this pillow. Later he founded a company in his name, Van der Hilst BV which will sell the world’s first 3D printed and 3D scanned pillow.

He has added in a recent statement, “The three types of pillows on the market weren’t enough for everyone, so I used new technology to develop an algorithm to accurately size and measure pillows for each person.”

Reports say that the pillow is also covered in 24 karat gold which makes it the world’s first technologically advanced gold pillow. The pillow is observed to block all types of electromagnetic radiation and the chain is studded with 22.5-carat sapphire.