Ukraine launches a website for whistleblowers around the world to report assets of those involved in Russian war

In the midst of Russia’s ongoing military offensive, which has now lasted more than a month, the Ukrainian government on Thursday launched a dedicated website for the public to report assets of those involved in Russia’s war crimes.

The Prosecutor General’s Office’s latest action comes as Russian forces continue to bombard Ukraine with advanced missiles, resulting in the deaths of thousands of civilians.

A whistleblower can find six columns on the Prosecutor General’s website that ask, “Do you want to submit a report anonymously?” Whose assets would you like to report? How this person is linked to the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine; Asset data, in which the whistleblower must fill in the medium in which a person holds assets; Asset location and description, as well as submission of supporting documents

According to the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, the Ukrainian Task Force created the whistleblower portal in order to track down, freeze, and confiscate the assets of those involved in Russia’s war crimes.

Furthermore, the new task force will work with other countries to locate hidden assets of Russian and Belarussian nationals.

Previously, the Ukraine prosecutor’s office claimed in a report released by the Prosecutor General’s Office that it had registered at least 2,869 cases of war crimes against Russian forces for violating war laws and customs.

Aside from war crimes, it has recorded 1,696 cases of crime against “National Security.” It also confirmed the deaths of at least 64 children in Kyiv, the national capital, and 50 in the Donetsk region.

Furthermore, it was stated that nearly 200 children had been injured in the previous 36 days.