Sundar Pichai comes in defense of Google as Regulators Kick In

Soon after the regulators increased the inspection in Google products over the company’s business practices, Sundar Pichai, the company’s, stated that it is important that the advertisers should have a standardised measurement which is fair across all mediums and that delivers insights in the way that fully protects users’ privacy.

“And so our products and services benefit consumers, small and medium businesses advertise this and overall they’ve helped reduce prices and expand choice. And so that’s our underlying approach, I think, which is what helps us engage and explain to regulators and we’ll continue to do that,” he said in a statement given to analysts.

As a result to the situation, The US Department of Justice is going to open a broad antitrust review of tech companies including Google, and has also launched a separate antitrust probe into Google.

Also, the company in the recent past had announced a major update in its Search algorithms for a better understanding in people’s queries and throw more relevant results.

Explaining the new initiative, Pichai informed, “Any time we can better make sense of queries, we can serve users better. Our search quality goes up and people engage and engage more. So it’s part of a long run, sort of things we have been working on, but this is one of our bigger breakthroughs in terms of helping improve the search experience and search quality.”