Spider-Man mod that replaces in-game pride flags removed by Major PC modding sites

Two of the most popular websites for PC game mods, NexusMods and ModDB, have taken down a project that deleted the in-game pride flags from Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered’s recently released PC port. The mod was posted to NexusMods’ website by a brand-new account with no prior modding experience, which the site’s administrators believe to be a “sock puppet” account used by one of the site’s users.

According to NexusMods, “This was done very clearly on purpose to be a troll mod. “The user’s need to transform a sock puppet into a coward in order to submit the mod demonstrated their intention to troll, and they were aware that it wouldn’t be permitted. We would have simply removed the mod and informed them that we do not wish to host it; however, they may be banned if they re-uploaded it after receiving a thorough warning if they had not been such a coward. We had no hesitations after the sock puppet’s fabrication, which made our choice really simple.

NexusMods claims that in addition to removing the mod, it has also banned “the user’s regular account as well as the sock puppet account.” The American flag, which is frequently seen in the original game, was added to the mod in place of the pride flags that were scattered throughout New York City.

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